Apparently, there’s a conspiracy to In Farm News…

This was Daughter C’s idea. We had, up in the workshop, a perfectly nice old enamel topped segment of kitchen cupboard that we brought with us from Cincinnati. It was in the basement in Cincy and we thought enough of it to tote it to Miss’ippi.

Daughter C suggested that it might find purpose in its old age on the patio.

It’s not all that heavy. But combined with it’s size, it’s awkward for one person to move. I thought through several options. Note that the shop is on significantly higher ground than the patio. So it’s downhill all the way.

I finally settled on tipping it over onto a 4-wheeled dolly and pushing it downhill.

We took the long way around to avoid steps.

We made it!

After hours and hours of cleaning up the patio, the cupboard springs to new life– spider nest free!



I takes energy to stay organized.


It was a sunny day today.