The Summer House

Mostly, we go to sleep in the Bunkhouse– also known as the Jagerhaus– in the wintertime, when the power goes out. The furnace fans in the Big House require power but the little propane wall unit in the Bunkhouse just burns propane and generates heat.  It can be right cozy back in the Bunkhouse– also known (for these very same reasons) as the Hunting House– in the wintertime.

This time is a bit different.

We have had– knock on wood– no interruption in power supply.

But both of our A/C units fell victim to age on the same day. No Kidding.

FORTUNATELY! The wall A/C unit in the Bunkhouse Jagerhaus Summer House works quite well. It cools and conditions the air.

For the last few evenings & nights, The Bunkhouse, also known as the Jagerhaus, has   become our Summer House.


Mr. Travis came out– on Joe’s recommendation– and he fixed the A/C unit that keeps Snaps’ side of the house cool.

We’ve had a lot of rain, and the temperature– when the sun isn’t shining– has barely gotten above 80 degrees. So we’ve opened windows and the big house isn’t hot. But over on the western side– the master bedroom side– it’s cool and damp, what with the open windows and the rain.

So we’re spending another night in the Summer House.

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