This week’s edition of our local newspaper reported an apparent murder-suicide. Mr. Big Food heard about it from the folk in his carpool. According to the newspaper, the man called 911. Lots of police & sheriff folk responded. They found him and his wife. Pending investigation, it’s an “apparent” murder-suicide. They were in their 70s.

Joe texted to say he could not come out this evening to try to fix the lawn tractor for us on account of the fact that there was a bad fire. Joe’s a volunteer firefighter. The folks lost everything, including their four pets.

1-2-3-4 pets. And everything.

Mississippi news websites are reporting that Congressman Trent Kelly was “targeted” this morning. A) Kelly does not look to me to be in any condition to be playing competitive baseball; 2) that he happened– by chance on account of his desire to signal his “competitiveness”– to be somewhere where someone was non-randomly shooting non-random people does not make Kelly a “target”; c) Nobody gives a rat’s ass about Mississippi. Stop trying to make it so.

In other news– “Brockmire” is worth watching; we’ve spotted the first of the cukes; grade inflation meets Bruno/Bickle/Bernstein/Cooper– and I can plot a mean (yuck!!) graph to show it; and hey you dumb stupid Rep from NW NY state– You say you have a carry permit? From NY state? Guess what? Not recognized in DC. or MD. So I’m counting you as “all-in” on reciprocal carry, right? As Leslie Winkle likes to say, “Dumb ass.”

I guess that’s it for news.

I’ll wrap this up with a BIG shout out to SueK. Thanks for sticking around!