(close enough to) The Ides of June

Yes. That is a shopping cart– or as some like to call it, “buggy”– in the background. Doesn’t everyone have one?

Every morning I have coffee. Most mornings I take the dogs for a walk– which is to say, I make them sit, and after what I, as Leader, deem to be a most appropriate number of Dog Whisperer seconds, OPEN the door and let them out to have an early morning the dew is on the rose and it’s not yet so hot run over a few acres run. And after some hoopla, I have more coffee, and wander around the World Wide Web for a few minutes.

This is what’s wrong with America right now. You people keep your dogs tethered. They cannot run free. You don’t get to see to … what’s the word I’m looking for? …  You know. How you…  ! That’s it Vicarious.

Your dogs don’t run free and so you don’t run free, vicariously.

And this explains why I like Jonah Goldberg.

He lets his dogs run free. Chickens be damned.