English Muffins


Insert deep breath emoji.

I can’t quite yet get the griddle quite right.

I’m reviving Cold Supper.

I love food.


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  1. When we lived in Germany, my neighbor made “Dampfnudeln”. They were a yeast bread that was made into roughly 4″ rounds, then left to raise. Then she put them in a fry pan (and I bought one like hers – it had bumps on the bottom. I still use it) with salt and a thin layer of milk on the bottom. Very slow heat browned the bottom while the tops finished raising and cooking. They were served that way – with browned bottoms and white rounded tops, but I thought a the time that if she flipped them, they’d sure look like English Muffins. I never ate any, so I don’t know how they compare taste-wise, but they sure looked similar.

    I tried to make them myself, but never succeeded in duplicating her results. Guess I missed something in the recipe!

    1. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. That sounds very interesting. I’ll ask John if he’s ever come across something like this in his cookbook travels.

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