There’s a Storm Brewing

And anytime theyr’s A Storm Brewing is a Good Tyme to get your self together.

Because out here in Rural Mississippi is like we’re living in a 1st world 3rd world country.

If the power doesn’t go out this time, it will next.

Cindy is a drill.

And we still. STILL. See the WSJ article about this, STILL have no high speed internet.

Despite the fact that our “representatives” in the Federal Legislature are well-known for being on the Federal Dole.

You should see the map that colors states in terms of how much people in other states are paying for Mississippi. It’s obscene. The next in line is The Commonwealth of Virginia.

That’s just sad. Virginia is a beautiful state. It’s got a lot going for it.

And yet, according to this map I found at Zerohedge dot com, scaled to output/revenue/or something, Virginia is just a shade less violently purple than Mississippi.


Kotel chief