Gen. U. Ine.

I’ve been boticing that stupid auto-correct fails miserably along the dialect fringe.

Gen-U-Ine (for you poor souls that don’t know this, I’m uttering the word, according to Webster, “genuine” as how it’s said, “Gen-U-Ine” by some people. Genuine. It’s a word.)

‘Nuff of that. This is a Genuinely Large Tomato.

We’re right proud.


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    1. Yeah. Messes people up sometimes! We could not get along without a kitchen scale. Just now– as in 2 minutes ago– I weighed a new kind of squash I’m growing. Lubnani, aka Lebanese squash. Seed packet says harvest when 1-2 pounds. I was so excited to see it! But I picked it about 6 ounces too soon. Oh well.

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