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There’s a moat around the Farm

figuratively speaking. We’ve just returned from a truck ride to Bardstown, Kentucky, Canaan Valley, West Virginia, Morgantown, WVa., Rileyville & Luray, Va. The Low Water Bridge over the south fork of the Shenandoah is gone. Greensboro, NC to see little ‘Phen and Miss M. And Mama Mama, Picked up some things for the reception from

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I’m stuffed

Once again, I’m waiting for the lickety split internet …. To deliver some photos. Meanwhile…   Tonight’s supper was stupidly good. That’s an egg mould. With a salad in the middle made with grilled chicken (grilled as Mr. Big Food was grilling burgers yesterday)… Those are plums stuffed with humus. And some marinaded tomatoes and

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Mind boggling

In that (look up) and the two post that follow there was to have been a link to a cookbook at the World’s Largest Store. Last evening, the link was just a box of in your face FlAsHiNG marque-esque “Amazon”– not the link to the cookbook. This morning, though the code is still there, there’s

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Crappy Olden Internet #2

AND MORE PHOTOS MAGICALLY APPEAR HOURS LATER! The main dish was Basil Chicken over rice, from Life’s Little Zucchini Cookbook. And as I said, the internet and computers aren’t what they used to be. I have just crashed my browser four times by hitting a hard return. And no. I do not want you to

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It’s hard picking dill,

navigating through the black swallowtail butterfly eggs. [and once again I am waiting for photos that… … … to appear. I hate the Internet.] It’s like living in the Dark Ages. I have multiple photographs of tonight’s dinner– dill, sans butterfly seeds– and I can’t make it happen. 🙁  

Deal with it

I am thrilled that Caroline and Jordan are growing things. That’s Western Civ. 101. Grow things to eat. I used  chick pea flour the other day. Before the other day, I did not know that there was such a thing a chick pea flour. I like to make fun of people who like specialty flours,

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In reply to Suek

First time for me, too. Tomatillos have been volunteering out here since the first time I purposefully planted them and we’ve always gotten a couple of good bowls of salsa out of them. This year’s crop was prolific in terms of quantity, but defective in quality. That’s sad because it’s always fun to pair a

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I feel badly

that I haven’t … . That I’ve let the blog slide and it’s no time more evident than on Independence Day– a day that means something. But I have zucchini fritters made with chick pea flour, and fresh zucchini, and all of the spices– the spices, hot just the herbs– are from the garden. #IndependenceDay

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