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First time for me, too. Tomatillos have been volunteering out here since the first time I purposefully planted them and we’ve always gotten a couple of good bowls of salsa out of them. This year’s crop was prolific in terms of quantity, but defective in quality.

That’s sad because it’s always fun to pair a good tomato year with a good tomatillo year.

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  1. Is your garden generally not flourishing as usual this year? If so…I need to pass it on to my son in Texas. He’s in his first year of trying to establish a garden and having major “unsuccesses” which he attributes to poor soil. Maybe there’s another contributing factor? Not sure what it could be but maybe it’s just a bad year for some reason – reason has yet to be determined!

    1. Our big problem this year is the rain-heat & sunny days–rain. It’s a recipe for fungus.

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