The Other Day

Daughter C and I were chatting about WestWorld as we headed to town to talk with Tammy about helping with the wedding decorations.

We both agreed that the Bad Guy Character is awesome. And I said– and C agreed– that I had some sympathy with Bernard.

Tonight we learned that Bernard is not human.

This is distressing.

And on that note, I’m closing things down here.

Life on the Farm goes on! And it’s getting exciting. I talked to Gwen today about mums for the wedding festivities. I pulled up cucumbers. I have recently frozen gallons of tomatoes and I hope we will soon be pickling watermelon rind after we do some watermelon sorbet.

But I’m no longer interested in The Blog.

I had high hopes.

My only worry now is that it’s achieved ’cause there was some fun stuff on The Blog.


“Yes, Missy?”


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  1. was either that or your internet connection was really almost non-functional. There are so many blogs that I’ve followed over the years that are no longer active. It’s got to be a chore sitting down every day to write to an audience that can’t applaud or otherwise show appreciation for your efforts..

    Still… I’ve enjoyed reading your writings…I hope you don’t completely shut down, though I’d understand if you did.

    If I can ever be of help (though I can’t imagine how) you have my email address…


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