It did rain

and the power did go out.

Transformer blew.

Daughter C and Kat & Tony saw it.


So– back story is that Kat & Ton arrived in ATL back from the Far East and today rented a car to drive from ATL to Starkvegas.

Caroline picked them up at Enterprise.


As noted, power went out at just about sundown. Pork something in oven.

Text from Kat: Is power out?

Yes. But we are on it.

Jordan– bring generator to patio while it’s still semi-light?


Welcome Kat & Tony!

Here’s the schematic of power cords to fuel E to vital organs.

I just love that my sons-in law know how to read my schematics. Show them where the piles of 25′, 50′ 75′ extension cords are and…  before you know it Mr. Big Food’s pork roast is roasting in the electric roaster in the Bunkhouse, there’s some 60 watt ambient light in the living room, and the freezers are freezing away.

I devised– which is to say , hooked up– a shop light which shone on the dining room table and we were prepared to eat pork roast and eggplant fritters at the dining room table when

LOW & BEHOLD the lights came back on!

So we ate pork roast and eggplant fritters in front of the television.

Welcome to the Farm!