The Spirit!

Dear Reader–

I know you’ve been following along. I know you know that I’m trying to revitalize the blog, beginning with Big Food.

I put myself in charge of apps this Thanksgiving.

Here’s what I’ve planned:

— Salmon Ball

— Hot Chipped Beef Dip Kat was correct. I have too much chipped beef. I’ll make supmpin esle

— Tangy Chipped Beef Ball. Kat made the “ball” thing happen.

— Deviled eggs. Duh.

— Deviled Ham puffs

— Corupopias

— Tangy ham spread

— Trio Cheese Ball

Meanwhile, I made gluten free cream of mushroom soup. GF CRoM soup is like, you know, CRoM soup except it’s GF so you have to thicken it with GF stuff to make it into the consistency of a can of Campbell’s CRoM S.

Rice flour is sweet. Nice.

Potato Flour runs circles around rice flour.

And so I’ve just been in the kitchen for two days

Doing dishes, too.

And running the dishwasher.

If I may, Vegan is way easier than GF.