The Centerpiece, et cetera concerning the day before Thanksgiving

by Tony

Took two days of research. He arrived at the conclusion that a Thanksgiving centerpiece was artfully presented dead plant material. At the end of the second day, when his research had come to fruition, I said to Kat, “I guess we forgot to tell him about Pinterest.” Just another chapter in The Book of Life.

Beautiful, isn’t it? All the books are about food.


In other news, Daughter C & The J-man treated us to a terrific pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Salmon, Brussel sprouts, rice with GF soy, mixed veggies. They even brought forks!

The apps are done except for cutting up the veggies for the dips. Note: never make anything fried that says, “drop by teaspoonfuls…”. In the context of frying, teaspoons are very small.

“Um, Marica. That’s why they are called ‘Lilliput meatballs’.”

“Okay, Missy. I get that. But the recipe said, ‘makes about sixty’ and I counted 80, and that’s not counting the one that you found on the floor.”

“Oh Marica.”


“Don’t you ‘Oh Marica’ me, young lady. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but you’ve not been exactly helpful these last few days. I mean seriously, couldn’t you have gotten that mouse by now?”


“And don’t you think you’re beyond criticism, Rocky!”


“These old appetizer recipes are driving me to drink… .”

“R.U.F.F. ruffruffruff.”

“Rocky. I’m warning you.”


“My hands are covered with cheese ball gooey stuff and how am I supposed to make this a ball…”


“Yes, Missy.”

“Everything is prepared, isn’t it?”

“Well, all of the cooking is done but I still need to slice…”

“Marica! Think this through. IF you still have a lot to do, you would not be on the internet pretending that I– a dog– can talk. But here you are. Pretending that I can talk. And that Rocky– with his limited vocabulary of literally one word– is communicating by way of three letters and some capitalization and punctuation. Get some rest, Marica.”

Happy Thanksgiving!