So Mr. Big Food & I are fighting

about the 17th amendment.


3 Responses

    1. Mine. Though his worry that we’d end up with 100 people even stupider than the 100 we get anyway is valid. Still. Repeal the 16th along with the 17th and it just might work!

  1. re; Stupider
    Yes, definitely a possibility. But…it would mean that selection would be State focused, not Fed focused. The people are represented in the (badda boom!) House of Representatives. Senators do represent the people, but each state would have it’s interests as a primary focus, rather than the focus being also on the people. We need the States to have a balancing power – and at this point, they don’t.

    Agree on the 16th as well. Yet another amendment that gave an unbalanced power to the Federal government. Of course, it was a problem that the states weren’t paying federal taxes to the Federal government in due time, but then…what sense is there to give money to the State who gives it to the Feds who then gives it back to the States!

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