The other day,

which is to say the day before yesterday, I washed pillows.

Not that I didn’t have anything better to do, but it just seemed like the thing to do. I will welcome the New Year with clean pillows.

There’s a strategy to washing pillows. Run some HOT water & a little deterg & approx. 1/2-1 C bleach in the tub. Fill the tub about 1/4 full. Add 2 pillows against the wall of the tub. Fill tub and commence the cycle.

I did about a dozen. A couple of loads needed to be soaked and rinsed before they were washed, but he strategy is all about the drying.

Feather pillows take forever. Set aside.

The drying strategy is to put them two at a time in the dryer with a dyer sheet and dry them for about 20 minutes. Then take them out, shake them out, and reposition them. 20 minutes more. Then take them out.

They will not be dry. You will reload more into the dryer, and put the “dried”ones on a surface that has airflow.

I did about eight loads of pillows. After the last came out of the dryer, the first went in again for another 30 minutes. Iterate about three times. In & out x 3.

And the pillows are really clean and good.

God bless us, everyone.