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2 Mississippi Museums

Today daughter C, Mr. Big Food and I traveled to Capitol City. The traffic wasn’t bad. We had lunch at a Mediterranean joint just off State St., near Baptist Hospital and then deposited Mr. Big Food at the Medical Center where he was bound to do some confocal microspocity-ing. Daughter C & I went to

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The Farther Along Farm Journal

Inspired by Kat & Tony’s NewsLetter we present the Farther Along Farm Journal. First up, a hawk. The beavers are on the move again doing some repairs and additions to their lodge. The J-man set up the trail cam in the vicinity of their new work locale. The camera captured several images of beavers working.

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And so this is Jan-u-ary dadada DA da da

Mr. Big Food woke before I this morning. I awoke to Da Da DA DA THIS IS THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE. We have a NOAA weather radio that operates on four distinct sources of energy. THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE IN JACKSON… . There was thunder & lightening. Very very frightening. Not. It’s been a mildly

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Winter Status Update

CHECK: — 80% of 1100 pounds of LP (liquid propane) to fire whole-house furnaces, gas water heaters, wall unit in Bunkhouse. [You’re only allowed to fill any given sized tank up to 80% : tanks are full] — Cord of seasoned red oak, split, stacked & ready to burn [Chimney sweep was here year before last,

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I don ‘t like the way the world is going

I spent our snowed in days writing a bunch of Miss Missy’s School story on my iPad. And now I cannot find it. I thought it would be easy to just email it to myself and continue writing in my laptop. But it’s disappeared. I know it’s somewhere. But I can’t find it. I hate

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