Winter Status Update


— 80% of 1100 pounds of LP (liquid propane) to fire whole-house furnaces, gas water heaters, wall unit in Bunkhouse. [You’re only allowed to fill any given sized tank up to 80% : tanks are full]

— Cord of seasoned red oak, split, stacked & ready to burn [Chimney sweep was here year before last, and we did not burn any wood last, so chimney is good to go]

— 30 gallons of NON-ethanol gasoline for generators; the big generator– 5500 watts– can operate on 5 gals for quite some time if we are judicious about what we’re running. The little generator– 3000 watts– could run a long time if it only needed to power the small A/C / heater in the apartment bedroom

— Subsidiary power sources for non-essentials are charged. Like I have this awesome Ankar battery that can charge my phone, iPad, camera, etc. in nothing flat.

— Actual battery inventory isn’t perfect, but– compared to what most of you have– it’s awesome.

— Listening to the VoyagerPro weather radio just now and it’s alerting me just fine.

2-3″ of snow are expected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In all seriousness, the biggest problem we have is that so much of infra-structure is outside.

It was 50+ degrees this afternoon. So we took the opportunity to purge the workshop of tarps, etc. We actually have a drain pipe that goes from the big tub in the Master to the outside of the house. On the outside of the house. On the west side. With at this time of year gets bout 20 minutes of sunshine. I took a few minutes to collect the top of a Weber grill that was abandoned in the shop, lined it with R19 & duct taped that contraption to the side of the hose with the exposed drain pipe. I then threw some old bathroom rugs on it, and covered it up with a tarp.

Humm… I turned on the NOAA weather radio.

As I am able I will check back.

And, yes, SueK. I am typing.

OMG. I forgot to mention that I had to invade the EMERGENCY bucket to get a roll of duct tape. Seems we’re out at the normal operating level.

That needs to be corrected.

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  1. Ah well. So am I.

    My husband was in the Army…he had _terrible_ problems if something needed to be typed, if his secretary wasn’t available. I did some of it…on the old portable typewriter that originally belonged to my parents. (I still have it, by the way) Anyway…as a result of his problems (which he still has, by the way), I made sure my sons took typing in high school. Little did I know what I was preparing them for!

    I took typing. At one time, I could do 80 words per minute. My sister didn’t take typing…but she could type as fast as I could…with _two_ fingers- her two index fingers! and not even looking at what she was doing. I don’t know how she did it!
    I took shorthand too…but I’ve lost that skill. Never used it – does anybody any more? Do they even teach it anymore? I have no idea…

    1. Gregg Shorthand has a website (forum) where folks practice reading/ writing. I asked to join and gave as my motivation my appreciation of the art. My application was rejected.

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