And so this is Jan-u-ary dadada DA da da

Mr. Big Food woke before I this morning. I awoke to Da Da DA DA THIS IS THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE.

We have a NOAA weather radio that operates on four distinct sources of energy.


There was thunder & lightening.

Very very frightening. Not.

It’s been a mildly tough January. The regulator on the LP gas thingy froze up. We’ve had to drip faucets, and still the spigots in the Bunkhouse froze.

We did manage to get a cord of wood and enjoy some blazing fires. And then I worried that the wood mantle was too hot and would spontaneously combust.

Still. We had a delicious antipasto tonight.

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  1. Temperature is supposed to go up to 83* today. Guess winter’s over…

    We could use some rain – we’ve had a total of about 1/4 inch so far this season, and we have two months left before it becomes highly improbable.
    We may get another “Miracle March”…we had one of those about 5-6 years ago … the entire year’s rain fell within the 4 weeks of March. It pretty much rained every day…!

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying. I’ve been immersed in RONR (Robert’s Rules Newly Revised). Are you still under draught conditions?

  2. I haven’t heard anything about it, but I assume so. Northern California has gotten normal to more than normal rainfall, and we get a lot of water from there. Santa Barbara – as I’m sure you know – got a gullywasher right after their fire. It did tremendous damage, and the freeway from Sourthern Cali to Santa Barbara took two weeks to get clean enough to be functionable. Incredible mess.
    Three houses were washed off their foundations…
    Equally unbelievable is the fact that although one small location got 5 _inches_ of rain within about 5 _minutes_, we barely got 1/4 inch. We’re physically about 30 miles south, but the mountains control the cloud/rain flow.
    If we don’t get rain soon, however, we will definitely be in drought conditions. March is the critical month – if we get deluged, we’re good. If we get rain, we’re ok. If we get nothing, we’re in trouble!


      I’ve been absent on account of interminable delays at WordPress. I *think* things are fixed. So be right back at ya! (After I go load the dishwasher.)

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