The Farther Along Farm Journal

Inspired by Kat & Tony’s NewsLetter we present the Farther Along Farm Journal.

First up, a hawk.

The beavers are on the move again doing some repairs and additions to their lodge. The J-man set up the trail cam in the vicinity of their new work locale. The camera captured several images of beavers working. And it got about 1m 30s of this hawk.

The trail cam operates on eight AA batteries. And it’s designed to operated for a long time. It sacrifices resolution for timing & battery life. I *think* the hawk landed to consume some prey. But zooming in loses resolution. And that’s sort of beside the point, isn’t it? You set up a trail cam to see what’s happening, to know something about what’s going on that you didn’t know before. For all that, you sacrifice resolution.

Next up, visit to the Farm by a guy from Saint Charles, La. He liked that fried catfish for brunch. Smart guy.

Earlier in the week, John’s endocrinologist went on a rampage against Big Miss Gov. That was interesting.

Currently, it’s stuffy back here in the den.

It’s a constant struggle to manage temp / humidity back here in the den where the dogs & Mr. Big Food and I sleep. It’s been so cold, for so long– and I’ve had the warm mist humidifiers going– but now it’s not cold and it’s not dry either– so it’s just stuffy back here. So I turned one of the ceiling fans on in an attempt to facilitate air exchange.

That would be exchanging air with the front of the house, where the fire is burning and the blower is blowing hot air from the raging fire.