2 Mississippi Museums

Today daughter C, Mr. Big Food and I traveled to Capitol City. The traffic wasn’t bad.

We had lunch at a Mediterranean joint just off State St., near Baptist Hospital and then deposited Mr. Big Food at the Medical Center where he was bound to do some confocal microspocity-ing.

Daughter C & I went to some museums.

Here is my review, informed of course, by Daughter C.

The Civil Rights Museum is far and away better than the Mississippi History one.

The Civil Rights Museum has a story to tell, and it tells it well. The Mississippi History Museum doesn’t have a story. There are some interesting artifacts, but it’s not cohesive.

Sitting at the CUPS at Fonderant, we realized that the History Museum just followed along the classic history of Mississippi two volume set

It’s one thing to read, it’s another to museum.

Yes. To museum is a verb.

The Civil Rights Museum is worth the ticket. I have a few quibbles along the lines that Nelson Mandela was not an African America. I think the nomenclature should be responsive to the period.

But my quibbles pale in comparison to the real world.

I’m not one for museums generally. But this is one worth engaging.


ADDED: There was also a quit exhibit.

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