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Peep peep peep full stop

What the hell is going on? The peepers are peeping like crazzy. And then they stop. And then I hear a few distant peepers– likely in cotton field ditches– and then like a roaring wave I hear the peepers peeping. And then they stop. Full Stop. What the hell? Clearly, the peepers are more sensitive

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My forecast

The prevailing winds are from the southeast. Today, Daughter C and I spent some time cleaning up trash from the drainage ditches in the cotton field along County Home Road. I’d put the SE winds at 8-20 mph. I’ve looked at a few satellite images. There is going to be a confrontation. NW moving SE

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My Favorite Time of the Year

I think the transition from Winter to Spring is my favorite time of year here in Mississippi. Winters aren’t all that hard here, except when they are. And then they are really hard b/c  we’re just not all that accustomed to dealing with them. But today– February 15– it was 85 degrees and the peepers

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Mr. Big Food alerted my to the fact that a former Vice President is scheduled to speak at a meeting of the Triple A S in Austin. American Association for the Advancement of Science. Mr. Big Food is a liaison to AAAS. I sure hope Mr. Big Food’s flight itinerary doesn’t conflict with Joe’s. ‘Cause if

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May I have your ATTENTION please! It is the evening of February 9 and the Peepers are peeping. (Most of their spawn will die in the coming hours/day/weeks, but that’s hardly the point. The Peepers really truly give life the old college try, bless their pea pickin’ hearts.) That is all.

4-Wheel Drive

I’m giving away the story but I’ll tell it anyway. It’s been raining overnight for several nights to the point where I’ll wake up at 4am and wander into the kitchen and ask, “Is it raining?” And Mr. Big Food will reply, “Yes, all night.” Again. So this morning I let the dogs out. Released

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Today was a hard day

OMG, Missy. Please go lay down. Today, I investigated statistical and grammatical issues. And stuffed game hens with a sweet potato stuffing. Statistically, you cannot do 1 – 0.95 to the 190th power tests and not expect to find something significant. You people are idiots. Grammatically. Here’s a question. What part of speech is “home” in

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To clarify

It was not a fuse. I misspoke. I thought it was a breaker–  a worn breaker. But it was not a worn breaker. We replaced the breaker and the same thing happened. It wouldn’t flip on. It turned out to be a faulty multi-outlet thing that shorted out. We eliminated the faulty multi-outlet thing. And

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So here’s something funny

I worry about– and I have plans about– what happens when the Electricity goes out. But this is a novel worry. We’ve worn out a fuse that supplies power to the Den. The Den being the Master Bedroom which is my desk and the lunch table and the Television that we watch at the end

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