To clarify

It was not a fuse. I misspoke.

I thought it was a breaker–  a worn breaker.

But it was not a worn breaker. We replaced the breaker and the same thing happened. It wouldn’t flip on.

It turned out to be a faulty multi-outlet thing that shorted out. We eliminated the faulty multi-outlet thing.

And now, we have Electricity in the Den.


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  1. Electricity is black magic. Well…maybe white magic. It sure makes our lives better/easier, but I find it to also be tricky, dangerous and definitely difficult to figure out.

    At our store, we go to the wall…what’s behind that wall is somebody else’s problem.

    We had an interesting customer the other day. He’d bought a five headed floor lamp. It was designed to use incandescent bulbs, and he wanted to use LEDs. The LEDs he had bought wouldn’t work – did we have something that would? Turned out we didn’t…reason being that the problem he has is that due to a widening of the neck of the bulb (LEDs have to have “drivers” – a type of transformer, I think), the bulb won’t screw in far enough to make contact in the socket – hence, no light. He thought we might have a socket extender that would correct the problem. We didn’t. His lamp has a design that makes it difficult. It’s a physical problem, not an electrical problem, but it _looks_ like an electrical problem!.

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