4-Wheel Drive

I’m giving away the story but I’ll tell it anyway.

It’s been raining overnight for several nights to the point where I’ll wake up at 4am and wander into the kitchen and ask, “Is it raining?” And Mr. Big Food will reply, “Yes, all night.”


So this morning I let the dogs out. Released Tiger from the workshop. Fed Tiger. Heard the other dogs barking. Saw Daughter C with her rain boots on escorting the dogs on a walk, and returned to the Den. It’s all good. Daughter C has control of the dogs.

Some 15-30 minutes later, I wondered what had become of Daughter C & the dogs. I saw them making the perimeter of the north pasture. All is well.

Some minutes later, Gilbert and Bebe enter the house in glorious wet fashion, Daughter C huffs and puffs and grabs the truck keys. Rocky & Missy have run away.

This is a habit of theirs/ours.

They’ve been couped up, They go on a nice walk. They decide to do a prison break. THE TRUCK is what corrals them back in. They love the truck.

So Daughter C grabs the truck keys and I go back to doing whatever I was doing.

Now some more minutes later I wonder what’s become of Daughter C, the truck, and Missy & Rocky.

I go outside. It’s cold and windy but I navigate to to a vantage point and I see Daughter C with Rocky in tow, Missy running in front, and the truck– sideways in the front pasture.

The truck is stuck in the mud. CALL SOMEBODY.

I walked all the way down there to investigate and in fact, Daughter C was correct. The truck was stuck in the mud.


with one little turn of the knob, the truck went from 2W to HI4WH and then I put her in reverse and bingo bamo! Up the driveway the truck and I came.

We met Daughter C a few yards away and opened the door for her.

Turns out, she was unaware how the HI4WH, LOW4WH, and push this turn off traction control if you are in really really deep trouble, buttons work.

All of this put Mr. Big Food and I in a nostalgic mood. We’ve only ever have to have switched over to LOW4WH twice. Once was at Okracoke when we didn’t mind the tides and the other time was in Indiana. Go figure.