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One. Two. Tree. Oof. Five. Sic. Sepen. Eight. Niiiiiine. Ten! Ten. Even. Twev. Treeteen. Oofteen. Five teen. …. What a delight it is witnessing the development of the human brain. My favorite is oofteen. And then there’s two-tee-oof. Tree-teeoof. And so on. Miss M thinks ‘Phen is just memorizing. So I taught him 1+0=1 1+1=2

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I am trapped. Please help.

We are at Mom’s. It is late in the day. There are only really two exists. There are really three but the front door doesn’t count. I just want to go outside for a breath-%. And I’ve managed to get downstairs. But then I am confronted with the locks. Attempt #2. Wish me luck. I

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God Delivers… and delivers…

When I say, “I pray to God,” I’m just talking to the Big Man in the Sky. I have no idea what algorithm he uses to decide when and where to dump water on Mississippi gardens. I can’t comprehend why for the last few weeks he’s been dumping water from the sky on gardens to

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We need rain

As I see it, we have three options: Pray to God for Rain; Expect the Local/State/Federal Government to provide water for our crops, flowers, and newly planted shrubs; Take responsibility for our crops, flowers, and newly planted shrubs and water them ourselves. These options are not mutually exclusive. I can wish to God for rain

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