God Delivers… and delivers…

When I say, “I pray to God,” I’m just talking to the Big Man in the Sky.

I have no idea what algorithm he uses to decide when and where to dump water on Mississippi gardens. I can’t comprehend why for the last few weeks he’s been dumping water from the sky on gardens to the N-S-E-&W of the Farm, leaving us parched. But he heard my prayers and yesterday he dumped a bunch of water on us. With no wind. That was nice of you, God.

And so

today I picked a bunch of stuff.

And then, since it had rained and since it’s July, I did some maintenance.


— sprayed Ivory dish soap + water on the aphids on the blackeyed peas, okra, and peppers.

— sprayed Ca+ spray on the tomatoes and peppers to guard against blossom end rot

— sprayed Cu++ up underneath all of the squash on account of the fact that it rained and it’s gonna get hot and that’s a recipe for various types of mildew

Having accomplished all of that, I retreated to the A/C and put up some tomatoes and blackeyes.

And then shortly thereafter, God, in his Infinite Wisdom, decided to let it rain another 1.5″.