One. Two. Tree. Oof. Five. Sic. Sepen. Eight. Niiiiiine. Ten!

Ten. Even. Twev. Treeteen. Oofteen. Five teen. ….

What a delight it is witnessing the development of the human brain.

My favorite is oofteen. And then there’s two-tee-oof. Tree-teeoof. And so on.

Miss M thinks ‘Phen is just memorizing.

So I taught him




and so on to the paint where he recognized the pattern and completed


and he said


with no prompt.

The discipline is learning and memory.

There’s not a whole lot of disctictoin between leanrning and memory at this stage.

  • In shape news, we were talking about how triangles have three sides. And he had a tortilla butter sandwich cut into 8th. Triangles. So we talked about how triangles have three sides. And we traced the sides of the pie shapes. “Triangles have three sides. One. Two three.”

And he woukd trace them, and count to three, and I would say,,, . And then today, he said, “triang tree sii” and he looked at me quizzically and I said, “Yes! Triangles have three sides!”

And he smiled really big.

next up…. ?