Cuke Behemoths

No matter how diligent you are, there are just going to be cucumbers that escape your attention.

You pick the ones which are 3-4″ long. You slice them into salads. You preserve them as Spicy Frozen Cucumbers, and then you you run across an 18″ behemoth. How did I miss this?

Here on the Farm, there is a hierarchy of veggies with regard to preservation




And everything else. It was a decent blackeyed pea year.

Oh. Okra.


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  1. I had a zucchini do that….somehow it stayed invisible until it suddenly jumped into view at about 30 inches long and 3+ inches in diameter. Stuffed it for dinner. With leftovers.
    Don’t know if cucumbers would make a good stuffed menu item…somehow, I think not.

    1. We did have stuffed cukes this year First time. They were great. But… they were standard sized.

      That is one BIG zucchini!

      Part of the fun of having the garden is being able to pick things when they are smaller than what you’d find in the store. I think they just taste better.

    2. Hey– I’ve been meaning to ask you. Did you take the TCM Mad About Musicals in June? Someone named “Suek” posted on one of the associated forums and I wondered if it was you.

  2. ” Did you take the TCM Mad About Musicals in June?”

    I don’t even know what that is…so there’s another Suek out there! I’m usually SueK…but that’s not much difference! And I couldn’t say I’d never made a typo either…!

    We don’t get TCM any more. We got switched to Spectrum and they changed the basic available programs. I liked TCM, but not enough to pay extra for it.

    If they eliminate the NCIS various series, we’ll probably just shut it down – we’ve seen all of them, I think, but still enjoy the reruns, and there’s _nothing_ else worth watching. Well…of course then there are football and basketball games. I’m not big on them, but hubby really enjoys them.

    By the way….front page shows that there are no responses on this posting…

    1. Well. That explains why the other SueK didn’t respond to me!

      We like TCM– all of us. And that online course was a bunch of family fun. DVRed a boatload of musicals.

      There is something else on worth watching. “The Good Place.” I think it’s on one of the networks. Season 3 starts in September. DO NOT watch S03 until you’ve watched the first two. Highly recommend it.

  3. When you stuffed the cukes…did you “salad” stuff them or “meat” stuff them?

    1. If I remember correctly, we took out the seeds and parboiled them, then stuffed them with some meaty-breadcrumb mixture and baked. Probably topped with cheese.

  4. Today the front page shows 5 responses. The internet is weird. Now we’ll see if it updates to six!

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