Peasant Food Fads

Due to this week’s schedule, it’s Marica Cooks Monday Wednesday Tonight we are having spinach quiche & a tossed salad with some homemade blue cheese dressing.

I know that quiche is a staple at coffee houses and breakfast joints– and it’s in the frozen food sections– but it wasn’t always thus. Once upon a time, quiche was a food fad! Mr. Big Food has a copy of Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche on a shelf in his office.

Quiche is peasant food. It’s a way to use leftovers. We had a leftover pie crust from the box of two Pillsbury pie crusts– yes, yes, I can make a homemade pie crust that is superior to Pillsbury, but I have a life– and so quiche with Pillsbury. And since we were going to Jackson, and since Jackson has a Whole Foods… spinach quiche.

FYI: The produce at Jackson Whole Foods was not good. Lettuce for the salad was particularly disappointing.

But the quiche turned out great!

The J-man asked where I got the recipe and I pointed to my head. It’s freaking peasant food. You just make it up.

In other peasant food fads recollections… .

When I was a little girl, my mom would make skinny pancakes for my bother & I. She’d fry them up in a skillet, toss them out on our plates, and we’d sprinkle them with sugar or smear them with jam and then use the tines of our forks to roll them up.

When Mom wanted to be fancy at her New Years Eve round robin, she’d make skinny pancakes, fry up some sausage and spinach, spread the pancakes with this mixture, roll them up, cover them with cheese sauce and then bake them.

I came home after a 16 year old’s champagne & (cough) New Year’s Eve in the mid 70s and found heaven in the leftovers. To this day, skinny pancakes with spinach and sausage is a New Year’s tradition.

I was 17 when I realized that Mom’s skinny pancakes were crepes.