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Yesterday was the J-Man’s birthday, so after I toured the hardware store for gifts, I stopped at our local cupcake shop and picked up a half dozen– one of each. Daughter C made her famous red beans & rice for dinner, meaning that I reserved my cupcake for second breakfast. It was fabulous. But I left the last bite of frosting / icing on the plate. Just too much. Leading me to ask, what is the proper cake to frosting ratio? In terms of height, these have a ratio of about 1:1 cake:frosting (volume would probably be something like 1:0.9 due to the taper of the frosting).

Again, I ask what is the proper ratio? I’m inclined to say 1:0.5. Half as much icing as cake.

Furthermore, is there a difference between frosting and icing? And according to my copy of  The New Food Lover’s Companion (2007) it appears there is none. They are synonymous.

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  1. “…what is the proper cake to frosting ratio?”

    I think it depends on your frame of reference. If you’re talking about “pretty”, it can be pretty much. If you’re talking about consumption…I agree with you that often what is really pretty is frequently _tooo_ much! Some of the balance might depend on your age. I find that as I get older, I tend to hit the “too much!” button sooner than I remember doing some 20 or so years ago. Maybe that’s a protection factor that kicks in????
    Who knows!!

    1. Funny– I’m the opposite. Like too much when I was younger. In any case, Daughter C agreed that these had too much!

  2. 4PM my time. My reply and yours are both there. But the original article doesn’t show even one response! Double weird!

    Adding to weird…I just noticed that on my first reply, the “details below” self filled in. This time it didn’t.

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