Fancy Monday

Clockwise from top: Creative Cooking Green Rice, Chicken Baked in Cream, Broccoli Casserole with Bleu Cheese

It used to be Marica Cooks Monday but due to a deviation from Mr. Big Food’s normal teaching schedule, occasional Monday this semester will be Fancy. Mind you, that’s fancy food, not necessarily fancy dishes and such. That would be too much work– for me– for a fall semester until football and traveling seasons have finished.

Here on the Farm, we like naming things. We often have Heritage Night. Everyone loves Heritage Night– German and Eastern European food! And then there’s Fast Friday. I had my doubts when Mr. Big Food introduced Fast Friday, which usually involves a lot of Campbell’s soups. But I’ve warmed up to it. And let’s not forget Daughter C cooks Wednesday. Always something different, except when it’s her world famous rice & beans, or chicken tetrazzini. Yum.

I think naming this gives a sense of cohesion to our dining experiences. And anticipation, too. Oh look! There’s a Grillin’ Saturday coming up! Yay!