Dear John, It’s time to talk about the kitchen fridge.

Deep breath. No one in the Real World contemplates a $1000+ expenditure without an initial deep breath.

I know you are working hard to eliminate our vanishingly small debt load. And I know refrigerators are hideously expensive. But we need a new kitchen fridge. In principle, you agree. We need more space. And a walk-in isn’t going to happen.

Here’s my plan.

I have close to $700 worth of egg money squirreled away. I propose that we put Daughter C on it. Here’s the space. Here are our constraints– I want the dumbest biggest fridge money can buy that will fit in that space. Bottom freezer. And I do like that door within the door.

And let’s see what she comes up with.

The old fridge will be moved to the garage, next to my freezer.

Here’s an interesting thought– we’re not poor. But we behave as if we are. Which is why we’re not poor.

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  1. Ah yes…refrigerators. We were in Costco one day…they had one for $5K+/-. I don’t know if it was one of those that you can view with your phone…but at that price, I hope so! (Although to be honest I can’t think of a single reason in the world why I’d want to use my cell phone to “peek” into the frig. I can tell you pretty much what’s in there any time. Pretty much.

    Our ‘frig at work went on the fritz last week. It’s an old one – probably 25 years old. From it’s dying sounds, it was apparently a compressor that failed. We called a repair guy, gave him the model…he estimated $800 repair. I checked on line, and a new compressor would run about $325 – and you better know what you’re doing if you want to install it yourself!

    Now bear in mind that I’m hoping I can convince hubby to close the store by end of year. But he likes his cold drinks, and I like my salad for lunch. And our office assistant keeps her frozen lunch in the frig as well. So. What to do. Costco has a small one for $130 or so but we’d have no use for it if we close. Our house ‘frig is now about 30+, so that might be where a new one could be relocated if that’s the case. But we’d have to move it. And how much time are we going to be in this house???

    We have a MARS store not far away (by the way…two things…MARS stands for Major Appliance Recycle Service, and while I might be wrong, I suspect they are an outlet for all the stuff returned to our local Costco) that has appliances, and will both deliver and pick up the old one. So. What to do. Buy a new one? buy a second hand one? do without?

    Decisions decisions. I don’t like the bottom drawer, by the way. I like side by side. There are draw backs…but that’s true no matter what you get! or prefer!

    1. I don’t need to peek either. There’s a place for everything and most times, everything is in its place. And I don’t need my fridge to talk to me or follow me around, either. I’ve been sort of looking at Lowes and it’s getting hard to find fridges that are well made and without all of the bells and whistles.

      I do like the door within the door. That would be convenient for our lifestyle. And the reason we like the bottom freezer is that we already have two deep freezers and a top freezer fridge out in the Bunkhouse. So the only thing in the kitchen fridge freezer is ice, a store of butter, and– you’ll love this– bags and bags of stale leftover bread. Couple times a year I get ’em out, lay them out to dry and then make them into bags of bread crumbs which are also in the freezer. And ice cream.

      My mom has a nice side by side with a bottom freezer. I like it except for there are too many cubbies. Know what I mean?

      Could you get a used one for the office? Our Lowes and Home Deport also discount returns and most of those are in decent shape.

  2. Then I added this response, and my first one plus yours appeared…like magic! Front page indicates no responses…

    1. I am clueless.

      I have five different browsers on my laptop, three on my iPad and two on my phone. I can post a new post and it will show up– or not– on some browsers but not others. Doesn’t make any difference if I clear history, caches, run some cleanup software, whatever. And then… magic! So I got nothing.

      They are supposed to be updating WordPress soon. Maybe that will make a difference.

  3. Re: the frozen stale bread:

    2 C stale bread, broken into pieces. (1″ x 1″ approx) heels work fine
    12 oz chocolate chips (1 pkg originally)
    3 eggs
    2 C milk
    1 tsp vanilla
    1/3 C sugar

    Butter a baking dish and add bread pieces. Beat together the eggs, milk, vanilla and sugar. Pour over the bread, add chocolate chips and mix all together. You can bake right away, but it’s better to let it soak so that the liquid gets absorbed – especially if you’re using stale bread. Bake one hour at 350*.. Let cool before serving, but served warm is best…just not _hot_! A little cream on top is also a nice addition since you’re obviously not watching your weight!! Whipped or just plain cream.
    Not a company dish…just not all that pretty – but definitely yummy!

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