The Apple Environment | The Google Environment | & The Night Sky

Not long ago Kat was talking about divesting environments– putting a little more Android in her life.

We have a house guest. I thought the quickest way to give him the password to our AT&T FWI was just take a pic of the info on the side of the router and text it to him. As I had already disabled Photos’s ability to upload my photos to the cloud, share special moments, tell me what I was doing 10 years ago, and generally do things I did not want it to do, this took some doing. After 10 minutes and a fair number of cuss words, I figured out just what permissions would get me out of the loop. So I texted him the password photos and then set things to deny everything again.

Yeah. I know. I could have just written it down– and I did– but our guest was in the bathroom when I tried to deliver this handwritten information.

The point is that google sucks. There’s no one switch you can toggle off, and then toggle on when you need it for some one reason.

[Aside. I was trying to get from GTR– Golden Triangle Airport– to Oxford. Miss. today. It’s a path I have never taken, but I am familiar with the landmark points: Ocalona, Ponatoc, etc. So I searched directions and had a pretty good idea what route changes where involved. Our guest had my phone and was was doing impromptu navigation ahead of the voice Chic. At some point just north of Ocalona, we were directed to turn onto a real country road. I got about four driveways in and paused. Turns out our guest had dropped a pin in Vardaman! Not where we’re going. Turn off Chic. Look at map.]

Anyway– our houseguest made the claim the moon was so much brighter here on the Farm than in Chapel Hill.

I thought this an odd claim coming from an epistemologist who understands appearances and is careful about language.

The moon is no more bright here, and no less bright there.

The moon is the moon. It’s visible b/c of the sun and the rotations of things that orbit around other things.

The brightness of the moon that we see are factors about us on Earth.

And so– I thought I would snap a picture of the moon tonight and I went out with my phone and then went back in and picked up my iPad b/c my iPad just calls up my computer and bingo bamo. There’s the photo.

I hate google