So I am at Pensacola Beach

its a lovely setting. If I wanted to, i could choose to go down to the beach this evening and see the bioluminescence in the tide.

I’m not going to do that because I’ve done that and I’m tired,  but I could if I wanted. Many people at the conference will.

and I’m in my iPad so forgive the typos.

Even Bruno agrees with me. He’s about as far left as they come. We’re friends. Because friendship transcends politic.

Whats the word that describes beyond farse?






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  1. Leftism is interesting. I think many have good instincts…they want the world to be perfect, and somehow think that a government should be able to make it so. They are unfortunately – imo – unrealistic…humans are humans. We are faulty beings who want things we shouldn’t and many times we fall prey to our desires. Some Lefties are God fearing people, but just seem to think we can make laws that result in making perfect humans. (laws made by those same imperfect humans…) Others – and at present it seems more and more of them – have chosen not to believe in God, so have no one to answer to except themselves. These are the dangerous ones. I don’t think I could have one of these as a friend – I wouldn’t feel I could trust them. How do they determine right and wrong? It seems that right and wrong would have to be determined based on their personal preferences…no set standard. What’s right today could be wrong tomorrow.

  2. When you talk to some of them and ask them how they determine right and wrong, they basically give you standards that are Christian. But at the same time, they claim that they are not religious – and especially not Christian! So…why is their right right? The answer of course is that they’ve been raised in this country with Christian principles – but it has become so innate that they separate it from the religion, even though it’s the religion that established those principles.
    Look at this Kavanaugh situation…unbelievable. Women should be able to dress -or undress – any way they wish, act sexually any way they want but let a man be seduced by them in any way and it’s the man’s fault! they have no responsibility … ridiculous.
    (and by the way…no, I don’t think the accusations are true…too much stuff out there that argues against it.)

  3. You cannot legislate morality– as you well know.

    Lots & lots of very smart people think very hard about right and wrong– what morality is, how to live a moral life, etc. Chatted with a few of them this weekend. They of course appeal to Aristotle, Kant & the gang rather than to a Judeo-Christian God. And that’s fine. We’d be in better shape if the atheists were working to be Aristotelian virtuous people. But they are not.

    Remember back in the day when the motto was “live & let live?” (In a Libertarian sense?) Even then there were standards of decorum and behavior. People felt ashamed from time to time and that guided their behavior.

    Crappy old days!

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