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Down South 2018, We Take Tailgating Seriously

This is the centerpieceDaughter C designed for the first A&S Tailgate of 2018. The  Centerpiece was one of the last things to be crossed off. But as you will note, it was Care’s responsibility. And she did not disappoint. So we’re good to go. Don’t mind the black spots on that okra. Those are just

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Philosophy & Baseball

Back story: The Freshman reading was John Grisham’s Calico Joe which I haven’t read but which I hear isn’t all that great a book. It’s about baseball. The College of Arts & Sciences wanted to make this book a come together thing for the Freshman. In week two-three Freshman are disoriented, they are home sick,

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Dear John, It’s time to talk about the kitchen fridge.

Deep breath. No one in the Real World contemplates a $1000+ expenditure without an initial deep breath. I know you are working hard to eliminate our vanishingly small debt load. And I know refrigerators are hideously expensive. But we need a new kitchen fridge. In principle, you agree. We need more space. And a walk-in

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