Have a few minutes?

I do! Really, I do. I have a few minutes among the returning from travel day to the preparing for the next tailgate days to the preparing to travel days to just sit and think.

Here are a few random thoughts, which technically speaking are not all that random as they are all mine. I can glue them together in my head.

And if you are wondering why, with a tailgate just days away, I am not in full tailgate mode, it’s because I am organized and prepared. I have invested a LOT of energy in tailgate preparation and organization in the past. I am reaping the benefits of that investment.

And if a particular nonrandom Marica train of thought doesn’t appeal to you, just keep going. At some point I will randomly talk about manners and how young people learn them.

1. Mobile, Alabama. If you have occasion to visit Mobile– which that dumb broad on Mr. Big Food’s phone pronounces as “mobil”– you should definitely stay at The Malaga Inn in downtown. It’s Old Southern Charming. Balconies overlooking the Courtyard with a fountain. A world of its own. And only a few blocks from the original Wentzell’s Oyster House (est. 1938). After we returned from dinner, Mr. Big Food, Predoc1, Predoc2, Mike & I enjoyed a nightcap on the balcony and fell into conversation with an Aussie with whom we shared our bourbon b/c that’s what Southerners do. Mr. Big Food & I then retired to our room, and the kids were invited to drink wine with some folks sitting by the fountain. B/c that’s what Southerners do.

2. Ranking among the worst academic talks I have ever had to listened to, [paraphrase] “150 Years of Controversy Regarding the Sexual Dimorphism of the Corpus Collosum.”

By “have ever had” I mean that I knew this young woman when she was a graduate student and I like to consider myself a courteous person. So I felt like– good person that I am– I should sit through her talk. But what feminist ignorant drivel.

And she knows better. I know– and despise– her grad student advisor. But he knows Fischerian stats. And he knows EvoDevo. She should know better.

Her project is stupid. Her neurobiology is messed up. The corpus collosum is white matter– axons. Those axons have cell bodies. They are located in somewhere. Who cares if male & female collosums

Good grief! Pretty much everything out there in the world is sexually dimorphic– males & females are just not the same.

3. Encounter with a family in the elevator. This was a nice instance of real world. Got into an elevator w/ a fam. I asked the kids how they were doing. Kids were coached, “What do you say?” “Fine, Ma’ma” So you can say all that you want about the fact that the 6 year old is being prompted to respond in a particular way– and then I say screw you.

You want a civil society? This is how you get one. You teach door holding etiquette. You teach kids to say, “Yes, Ma’ma.”

That would fix everything.