You people are nuts

We’ve just returned home from our final tailgate. It was exceptional. We fed 200+ people and ran out of Texican food.

That’s Matt pulling Mara in the cart we use to move things from the tailgate site to the tailgate trailer. It was her idea to ride in the cart. She’s a bit of a prima dona show off. And we’re going to excuse her, because she’s just finished a poster for PSA (Philosophy of Science) and has a paper she needs to abstract to get on the SPP program… . Hey! She wants to be a philosopher. It’s hard work. She’s entitled to some fun.

Matt wants to be a philosopher, too. He’s a bit more lowwww key.

Anyway, we’ve just gotten home from a spectacular Tex-Max feast tailgate created and served by us. So Mr. Big Food & I had boiled hot dogs and tater tots for supper. At home. With a bourbon.

And as we decompress– it ain’t easy feed ing 200 + people– and swap stories and do what long married couples do after a successful tailgate– we reflect.

We are pleased that so much food got eaten.

But among the 200+ we– Libertarian/ Localists | Localist/Libertarians– are a minority on a college campus. But the food is good. So none of this matters.

Until we got home and ate our hotdogs and tater totes and logged on to that there internet and saw that you people are nuts.

Why are people doing this?


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  1. Old Quaker saying:

    “All the world is odd but me and Thee…and even Thee’s a little queer.”

    (Before queer attained it’s present generally accepted meaning, of course!)

  2. Ah. I remember this!

    Gay is another, right? Every time we watch White Christmas I am reminded that language changes. Don’t like it, but no on e asked me.

  3. When I posted that, I knew it wasn’t quite right, but I couldn’t remember just exactly how it was supposed to go. It finally came to the front of my brain…!

    ” All the world is queer but me and thee,,,and even thee’s a little odd.”

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