A travelogue of sorts

Our day began at 5:00am pacific.

Our day effectively ended at 10:48pm central with the sure death of our 7′ Okra Tree. It was sad to see as I walked outside to get some fresh Mississippi air after over a week gone. There were storms last night here. It’s November. Okra trees are not going to last forever.

In the meanwhile we waited at the gate in Seattle because of a mechanical failure that had gone unnoticed until the plane was ready to leave the gate.

How does that happen? We have mechanical failures all of the time– engines that sound funny when they are cranked, burners that don’t light as fast as they should–  and they do not go unnoticed. They go ignored, but they do not go unnoticed.

Mr. Big Food thinks that paying passengers should be rewarded $5 for every time someone who works for Delta says. “We’re sorry.”

Anyhoo… . We made it to ATL but not without incident.

As we were deplaning (what a stupid word) there was attention paid to the fact that some people were in more urgent circumstance than others, and we allowed for that. Then Mr. Big Food said he was going to move, make the way for me… . You’ve been on an aeroplane. You know how it works.

And then all of a sudden some dunken punk ass kid inserts himself and pushes Mr. Big Food … And there’s a match between an asshole and a man … .

Let it go. We don’t really want to spend time in ATL pursuing this. Yes. We Should. He should learn a lesson. But I want to get home tonight.

AND THEN… Little puny asshole is on the same escalator.

(Recall that we’re flying out of Seattle. We are normal people. It would be a mistake to assume that someone flying out of Seattle who rammed into John was just an average guy.)

We do a stare down. He was a really belligerent cuss.

Here’s where it gets interesting from a sane point of view.

As you know, Mr. Big Food has limited vision. He saw the guy on the escalator. But I saw the guy looking back at me.

I asked Mr. Bog Food if he had a pen. There was some brief discussion about why I needed a pen and the answer was that I didn’t have a knife.

The human body has several soft spots. Put your fingers at the base of your skull and you’ll find one. A spot straight to what makes you tick.

I’m pretty sure a pen cannot penetrate the tissue there. BUT! Put an index finger just under your jaw over by your ear. And cabamalama! You are really close to the Artery of Life.


Tips from Tony.