SueK will be pleased

I con’foed with The J-Man. How could we deny C a tree? And so we sent Daughter C to pick up Mr. Big Food, and the J-Man surveyed the property— all 60 acres— and he asked, “Cedar or pine?” And we setttled on cedar, and he we went off with a hand saw, and I found some lights.

She didn’t see it for several passes of bringing moving boxes in. And then she saw it. “MOM!!”

Mr. Big Food asked where we’d gotten it, and we replied, “Behind the range.”

This is what it’s like to live on a Farm.

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  1. I like using local trees. When we living in VA, we had a place across the street that had cedars, which we cut for Christmas. I thought that when we moved to Cali, I thought we might be able to use tumbleweed. I envisioned stacking small med and large on a pole of some sort, and then decorating them with lights.

    Didn’t work.

    Tumbleweed is prickly. Terribly terribly prickly. Virtually untouchable. They look so soft when they’re green…but looks are definitely deceiving!! So…we go down to the local places and buy the tree same as everybody else. We do have one farm that allows you to cut your own…but it just isn’t the same.

    1. “I like using local trees.”
      Me, too. They last forever and smell so good. And… the advantage of living on a farm is that when we’re done with it, we just pitch it over the fence for a *bird habitat*!

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