In case you haven’t figured this out,

we are traveling. Hence, the reposts. We are in North Carolina. And after all of these years, we have finally fulfilled our obligation to Miss M: One Free Move.

All three of them were promised one. Miss M never claimed hers. Until today. Left Mississippi yesterday before dawn. Rain, fog the whole way. Overnight in some town in SC. Arrived in G’vegas at 10:30. We have a truck.

Forget all that. The little fellow is a delight!  « Grandpa John is a Genius. » True. But to hear it spoken by ‘Phen is a joy.

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  1. Moving is _such_ fun. (NOT!)

    The only way to move is with the military. They come in, wrap and pack _everything_ and put it all in boxes and away the stuff goes to arrive at your destination where the whole process is reversed. Well. The military doesn’t actually move you, but the military _pays_ for the move. Of course, it’s only fair since they’re the ones who are telling you that you have to move.

    I’ve moved many times…my Dad was military, and my husband was military. I’ve moved myself a couple/few times…. and I _really_ don’t want to do it again!
    Which is my explanation for why I think that Cali has a better “free” craigslist!

    1. That’s how my mom & dad moved to. Corporate would arrange for & pay the whole thing. That’s how it works with John, too. New job package includes the move. Alas, Miss M had no such resources!

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