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What is your problem?

Any bibliophile can tell you that half the pleasure of a well-curated bookshelf is in the sorting. Sarah Rose Sharp, Hyperallergic, February, 14, 2019 This is true. There’s a whole table in the Living Room dedicated to books which I have cleaned, wondered why I had placed them in such & such a location, and

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Belated Sunday Travels: 1 typical Farm–>Starkville–>Farm + 3(F–>S–>F) =

Four roundtrips to Starkville this weekend! The occasion was and as Daughter C and The J-Man no longer live here on the Farm…, I was obligated to do those 3*45 minute trips between the Mill and the Farm in order to run and feed the dogs, let Tiger out, etc. 3*45 = 3 hours. Of

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