George Tabor

My favorite azalea

From a garden in Savanah.

Pouring down rain– again– and a bit chilly. Needed something Spring. How about you?

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  1. Being in California, I’m not sure when spring starts. I think of March as spring, but that’s probably because of my midwest upbringing. February is just a month of hanging on till spring comes…and according to, the annual average rainfall of that month is 5 inches. That’s about 50% of our total annual rainfall.
    We’re about there, and I’m about ready for the rain to quit for the year!!

    1. According to NOAA, and using the nearest city where real observations were collected, we’ve gotten about 15″ of rain THIS YEAR! And it’s not the rainy season quite yet! March averages about 4″, April & May 5″, June 4″. But the records are all about 12-15″ for each of those months.

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