If it ain’t broke, it ain’t ours

H/T Jeff Foxworthy

Took me two decompressed sprayer passes through the clogged sprayer to figure out the mechanism by which the sprayer was getting clogged. An hour of my life. Several gallons of water.

There were wrenches involved. And Q-tips. And needle-nosed pliers.

But I finally figured it out, no thanks to the helpless folk on the internet who seem unable to de-clog a sprayer without the use of acid. Idiots.

Let’s back up because this is a useful exercise in thinking.

The bottom line is the sprayer was clogged.

The first thing to do is unclog the sprayer. That took some work. It was a mess. Every point that could be clogged was clogged.


That was the first deconstruction.

Loaded it up with water. Spittle.

Deconstruct again.

Ahh. Understand the underlying mechanism of pressuring up the tank.

All that crap that sits in the handle space is sucked up into every 25 pumps of the handle and goes into the tank and clogs everything up.

Problem solved.


Keep the handle clean.