A chat w/ Daughter C

Daughter C,

I’m glad you called.

She’s a spectacular person. I enjoyed chatting with her. We miss Daughter C & The J-Man. Always having to make 1/2 recipes of supper now.

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  1. “Always having to make 1/2 recipes of supper now.”

    This didn’t hit my conscious level first time around….
    Yeah. 1/2 recipes and you still have left overs. I still have an old Betty Crocker cookbook…”Dinner for Two”. I don’t use it much. A lot of work for just two meals! I usually plan on leftovers…but also don’t plan on having them the next night – I try to make it an every other night thing….cook two nights for 4 nights dinners. And of course, there’s always lunches…!
    I’ve also discovered that my husband is addicted to fast food lunches…he’s always saying “why don’t you run down to town and pick up ??? (whatever hamburger ad just played) McD’s are 2 for $6 at the moment. That’s not bad…he can have 1 for lunch and 1 for dinner. He’s a Calif boy…and that’s where it all started I think! I’m an East coast girl…never saw a drive in till I moved to CA in my college years!
    Something has happened to my sense of smell lately…I used to find the smell of french fries almost irresistible…lately, they smell unappetizing. Don’t know why. I think they’ve changed something…but I have no idea what! I just know I don’t want any! (not that that’s a bad thing…!)

    1. Supper. Lunch. Freeze or Dogs. That’s how it goes! And we’re finding that each week is starting to have a theme. So Chicken dinner Sunday supper. Leftover chicken casserole later in the week. Chicken salad lunch. Very frugal.

      They’ve probably changed something. But my sense of smell isn’t what it once was. Remember old ladies wearing too much perfume b/c they need more & more to smell it themselves?

  2. Yes and no. I do remember old ladies wearing too much perfume…but never thought about the why! Certainly never connected it inability to smell – but it sure makes sense!!

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