We don’t have TV back in the den

I want to go back to the days when the internet didn’t work and you fixed it by pulling the plug and waited for 60 seconds.

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  1. Lacking more info, I”m assuming your tv is kaput. In which case, may I suggest Craigslist??? I’m absolutely astounded at what is available – although I can tell you that in general our Calif. area has significantly better pickings than the San Antonio area. It seems to me that what that means is that more people are moving out of our area, and more are moving into the SA area. At least that’s my guess!!
    Don’t know about your area, but people give away or sell or diddley squat the darndest stuff! And many tvs. Old ones mostly, but some big new ones. I’ve even seen _free_ 65″ televisions! 65 inches! I’d have to move our chairs back into the kitchen if I had one that big!! Watching tv would be like constantly watching a ping-pong game – for everything…even the ads!
    Old entertainment centers are now out of date. The biggest tv I can use is 32″. Seemed pretty big at one time…!

    1. Nope. Turns out that when I plugged the cable into a different HDMI port it worked just fine. So it’s not kaput, just possessed.

      I don’t do Craig’s list. The population is so sparse and spread out that the area North Mississippi Craig’s List covers is pretty big and so not really worth the effort.. Jordan did look at it. That’s where we got our big rain barrel.

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