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Where’s Frank?

The other day SueK sent a link to a blog she’d found. A New Jersesian transplanted to North Carolina. Funny stuff. I can’t find the link but it is to a blog authored by someone who we both figured out was no more. Given that she was in NC, it wasn’t hard to find her

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Area 51

You know where it’s from. I’ll put the link up after coffee.

It’s enough to make me cry

It is fenced in. There is fishing line randomly strewn about. I have a Yard Guard that emits ultrasonic frequencies. I have two radios tuned into noise. I spray Liquid Fence all over the freaking place. Short of putting Rocky & Missy in there for the night I am out of ideas.

So we have a donkey

. [full top] Now what?

I am a real dog

Powerline’s The Week in Pictures

“No society

is safe in the hands of it’s clever people. –Lancelot Hogben, Mathematics, the Mirror of Civilization

Radio Silence

Amateur Radio. Mr. Big Food is on board, too. We are going to get out amateur radio licenses and some equipment. Blog silence is thus explained. It’s all quite interesting. I’m taking notes. SueK– I found this to be the best bird’s eye view introduction to ham radio. Almost jargon free and very accessible for

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NOAA weather radio is beeping at us. Flash flood warning. Up to three inches of rain has already fallen. Mr. Big Food remarks that he will not be cutting today. I need coffee.