“No society

is safe in the hands of it’s clever people.

–Lancelot Hogben, Mathematics, the Mirror of Civilization

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  1. So…you put your society in the hands of the _not_ clever people??? That doesn’t seem like the best idea. Of course, if someone is clever, aren’t they going to outsmart the not clever people and end up in power anyway??

    Seems like the “clever” part isn’t the critical factor…it’s the honor part that’s critical. So then…what constitutes “honor”?

    1. It’s complicated. And from a crappy old book about mathematics. Has to do with mystifying knowledge– analogy would be RC church & Latin. Enter Gutenberg & Luther.

      Ham radios arrived today. Also complicated. I have managed to pick up NOAA weather radio!


      Always Be Learning!

  2. So…did NOAA predict more rain??
    Seems like that would be a safe prediction…!!

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