It’s enough to make me cry

It is fenced in. There is fishing line randomly strewn about. I have a Yard Guard that emits ultrasonic frequencies. I have two radios tuned into noise. I spray Liquid Fence all over the freaking place. Short of putting Rocky & Missy in there for the night I am out of ideas.

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  1. Wow! Caught in the act!!! Terrific photos – even if they’re witness to your tomato massacre!
    So. What to do if you want to keep your tomatoes. Electric strand atop the fence? Deep are such jumpers…I saw one arrangement years ago that supposedly can keep deer out – instead of a 5 ft tall fence, the fence was set up so that it was about 3-4 ft high at the edge of the garden, then slants down to ground level – or maybe 1 ft high – at the end which is obviously 5 ft out from the edge of the garden. The deer won’t jump the distance. At least that’s what I remember. I’ll see if I can find my cut out. I have lots of cut outs from the old Sunset magazine…used to be a favorite of mine. Unfortunately, they decided to upgrade for the younger generation…and totally destroyed it, imo. I’ll see what I can find. Not sure it will help, but it will be fun looking!

    1. I’m going to Tractor Supply Co. to see what they recommend. Electric fence. Netting. Who knows. It’s seriously depressing. Ate a bunch of the sweet potato foliage, too.

      Trail cam got the entire sequence. I can’t tell if there were two or not. This happened 3:59-4:06. but then there’s another sequence beginning at 4:20.

    1. Thanks. And thanks to your son. I just keep contemplating that if you added up all the $$ I’ve spent– including another $50 at TSCo today– I could have paid someone to put up a real 7′ high fence and have been done with it.

      The thing is, no matter what you do, the freaking deer habituate to it. High pitched sound? Scares ’em and then they reason, Heh. There are tomatoes. I like tomatoes. I can endure a high pitched sound.

      Wait ’til you see tonight’s defense. I know where they’re getting in so I blocked the entrance with the truck. I won’t be surprised if I have to call our insurance agent tomorrow morning on account of the fact that the truck is wrecked.

      I have watched now three separate “batches” of tomatoes set, come on, and disappear.

      We’re still eating frozen stewed tomatoes from 7/20/18. I should have 100 cups stewed and frozen by now.

      Fucking deer.

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