Where’s Frank?

The other day SueK sent a link to a blog she’d found. A New Jersesian transplanted to North Carolina. Funny stuff. I can’t find the link but it is to a blog authored by someone who we both figured out was no more. Given that she was in NC, it wasn’t hard to find her obit. Died at 59. But since her blog was a free .wordpress blog, it’s still out there. Do her kids and grandchild– who she blogged about– know her ghost is still here?

I don’t know if you know about GAB, but it’s an alternative to Twitter. Anyhoo, there’s a guy– Frank– who was very active at the AoSHQ Gab Group. He’s gone silent. For about a month & a half.

So note.

If you have any kind of online presence, you need to make sure someone you trust can disappear you should you disappear. Not your spouse b/c the car crash is going to take both of you out.

Have a handwritten notebook of your logins and passwords so your loved ones can delete you. “My Mom, Marica, bit the dust. I am her daughter, and I am deleting her account.” You’ll get a lot of “likes” and you will not care ’cause I’m dead, but at least we won’t have to wonder where Frank is.

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  1. Good point. I occaisionally wonder about a fellow blogger who suddenly stopped posting…several years ago. He was not in good health so I assume he passed.

    1. It’s a strange phenomenon, right? The relationships we form with strangers. SueK and I “met” years ago in the comments of another blog– I’m talking more than 10 years ago. When I started this blog, that other blogger posted about it. SueK checked it out and hasn’t stopped coming back though thick and thin!

      Every now and again I have to crank up an old computer. Just for sh*ts and giggles, I look at my browser bookmarks and revisit places and people.

  2. Has it really been 10 years??? Hard to believe.

    You mention “the old computer” and “bookmarks”… I consider that an ongoing problem! I had bookmarks on my old computer, some on my office computer, and now I’ve built a _mess_ of them on this computer (4 years old and counting). So…how to get them saved – just in case! I sure hate to start up with a new blank computer – with no bookmarks! I can save them in a document – but if the computer dies, the docs die with it. I can email the doc…but then you have to have different names. I’ve used dates so far. That seems to work. Maybe. I’ll tell you next time I have to “break in” a new computer!
    Of course, I have umpteen bookmarks that I rarely or almost never use – but they’re _there_! just in case!
    Another thing that’s funny – the “drop down”. It doesn’t keep track of _all_ the sites I normally check out – but it does for _some_ of them. Why? Craigslist, for example. I check out my local one every day, then the ones for my kids – just in case, you know! (besides – given the totally different locations, it’s really interesting to see what’s available, what’s not, and the _big_ difference in pricing as well!) My drop down lists the local Craigslist, but none of the others. Why not? why not all of them? why one and not the others? Some things I’ll never understand, I guess!

    By the way…I think I disagree with you on the idea of taking down the person’s site if they die… Well, in the maybe so maybe not category. An announcement – yes. Definitely. But if the person had followers…maybe just leave it be? For a while anyway. Memories are good. Besides – it’s history. And you never know when something will be of use…look at your own site – all the recipes!! Don’t want to lose those!

    1. You make a good point about taking things down. Sort of goes against my grain, doesn’t it?

      I don’t know about PCs but on a Mac, all you have to do is run time machine every week or so, and back time machine up to an external hard drive. Fill one of those up, get another. John backs up Big Food once a week.

      And yes– we still lived in Cincinnati when I first started to comment at Bookwormroom. DIdn’t start blogging until 2013, but there you were! Thanks.

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