Books. They’re everywhere.

Here. Chief among the tasks to be accomplished in advance of the arrival of the Apartment’s new tenant is the cleaning and shelving of the books. This required the thorough changing of the those shelves on the left which have spent the past 10+ years in the garage. That was a chore, as was transporting it from the garage to the cleaning station to the apartment. So was sorting through the fiction, pop culture, and miscellaneous books. At the time of this photo, I’d still two boxes of art, music, crafts, etc. books for which to find a space.

There. Yesterday Mr. Big Food and I drove to Starkvegas to help a new faculty member move into her cottage. Guess what was in the U-Haul? Boxes of books!

Everywhere. This morning we went to campus. Mr. Big Food’s department has moved to a new (actually it’s an old building) and quite superior building. Guess what’s sitting on the floor in his new office?

That’s my excuse for the light posting. Books. But that doesn’t surprise you, does it?

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  1. Sounds like a labor of love!
    I assume you’re taking note of interesting titles???

    1. There is so much fiction. And popular stuff. Of course, they took what they really wanted and just left the dregs here. So it makes for an interesting collection.

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