Upward mobility

A thought I want to get down on paper.

My father was born in 1929. He was the third of seven children, and the first male.

He worked hard his whole life to succeed. I remember when he bought his first Cadillac, and then the little Cadillac for my mom. Success!

In the town where Dad moved up, we moved to the upper burbs where doctors and lawyers and such lived. My mom is a gardener. On one occasion, Mom was out in the front yard when the wives of Doctors and Lawyers decided to convene on Mom’s front yard to discuss local stuff. Because I remember it, I’d have to say that was a defining moment in my political life. In my mom’s beautiful yard, they ignored my mom.

It was awkward, but they didn’t get it.

Commemorating Mom, who fed us Campbell’s Tomato Soup with Macaroni, and grilled cheese sandwiches so that Dad could buy Cadillacs.

Good Food.

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  1. There are places where you’d have the tomato soup and noodles plus grilled cheese sandwiches all your life and never be able to “move up”.
    Moving up is an American thing! And a _good_ thing!

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